In the “smart” factories of the future, most operations will be automated and run by robots that depend on visual feedback to do their job. We use our experience and expertise to help companies in the food, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and warehousing industry to prepare for the future by giving them a competitive advantage through automation.


Robot Guiding

Robot guiding systems give “eyes” to the robots in a manufacturing cell and instruct them through every step of the production process. Through robot guiding it is possible to automate the entire process in a cell and make it more efficient. We can both build the framework for automation of new cells and improve as well as troubleshoot existing cells. Our specialty is creating custom made solutions for a complex workflow in order to meet requirements for traceability, documentation and quality control.

Vision Inspection

A vision inspection system (machine vision) is an automated and cost-effective way to ensure that the products in a manufacturing facility meet given specifications and quality requirements. Using cameras and advanced software, our vision inspection systems eliminate errors and bring microscopic accuracy to your production line, without the need for an operator. 

We offer everything from fully integrated vision systems to completely custom-made interfaces that can be modified to fit any control system. We work with many different types of software, including Cognex, Omron, KUKA VisionTech, Matrox and Scorpion Vision Software, and can offer solutions both in 2D and 3D.