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From small to big solutions. Robotguiding and Vision Inspections for the next step in the quest for Industry 4.0.

Telecentric lens

A telecentric lens is a specialized optical design used in machine vision and optical engineering, which offers distinct advantages over traditional lenses in certain applications.

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Through extensive experience and broad expertise, we always offer the highest quality.
robot guiding

Robot Guiding

Give “eyes” to robots and instruct them through every step of the production process

Vision Inspections

Cost-effective way to ensure products meet specifications and quality requirements

About us

Founder of the company is Sverker Evefall and it started of in Januari 2018. Since the start we have made many diffrent solutions and supported diffrent companys with there Vision Systems. Some of the companys are IAC Group, SKF, Benteler, VBG Group, AH Automation, LATAB.

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“Smart” factories will be automated and run by robots that depend on visual feedback

In the “smart” factories of the future, most operations will be automated and run by robots that depend on visual feedback to do their job. We use our experience and expertise to help companies in the food, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and warehousing industry to prepare for the future by giving them a competitive advantage through automation.

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